Impact Of Technology On The Developing Child

Not everyone considers the impact of technology on the developing child in the way that they should. Some parents ignore the ways that technology affects their child, and that is not a good thing. Parents should be informed of the reasons why technology can be a good thing for their kids, and they should also know the ways that it is impacting them negatively. Technology is a big part of life in general these days, and you should be aware that your child is not going to be immune to it.
Technology can be good for developing children when they are learning new skills, such as reading. There are apps and programs available to help children learn how to read, and to learn their numbers and colors. Some parents might find it helpful to use technology to teach their children. Daycare centers and schools might believe that technology is a good tool to use for developing children, as well. But, as good as technology may seem when teaching children, parents should be aware of the dangers of it, as well.
It is important for parents to think about how much time they are letting their child use a device, and how much time they are actually spending with their child, looking them in the eye and speaking to them. Teaching them through technology can be easier than the traditional way, but is it actually better? They should try to keep a good relationship with their children aside from when they are using technology with them, and they should try to teach them as much as they can while not using technology, too, so that they will form a special bond with their child that cannot be broken.
Another important thing for parents to consider when thinking of technology and all of the ways that it is impacting their children is whether or not their kids get outside enough. Do they have a love for nature and spending time outdoors? Or, have they gotten so used to using technology that they don’t care for playing outside and enjoying the simple things? They won’t want their kids to become too dependent on technology in order for them to have fun, and they should think about how much time they are spending outside, so that they can keep them healthy and help them to develop good habits.
One thing that parents need to look at when they want to change the way their children view technology is how much time they spend on their own devices. Are you using technology so often that you don’t have much time for your children? Do you enjoy playing on your phone or another device more than you do going outside with your kids? Your children look up to you as an example, and you will need to change your own life and what you do with technology before you can expect to change theirs.
Technology is all around us, and there is no reason why children shouldn’t know how to use it. But, there is a reason why they shouldn’t use it all of the time. And, if you are a parent, you should be strict on your kids when it comes to technology. You should make sure that they are using the right apps and programs and that they are not getting into trouble with it. You should make sure that they are learning from it and having fun with it, but not becoming addicted to it. And, you should make sure that you are not becoming too addicted to it, either.
There are many fun things to do with technology, and it really can be a helpful tool for you to use as a parent. You should check out all of the programs and things that you can use when helping your kids learn, and you should sit down with them as they begin to use technology. As they get older you might give them more freedom when it comes to the things that they do with it, but for now you should control how much time they spend on it and make sure that they have healthy social skills and plenty of hobbies beyond it.
The impact of technology on developing children is great, and you will see the impact all around you when you take a deep look at society. And, you should do that, so that you are well aware of all that is going on with it. Children need to know that technology isn’t the only thing that they can depend on, but that they can count on you to teach them things, too, and that they can have fun outside and playing with their toys. Technology is not all bad, though, and you will just have to figure out how much is too much.

Virtual Reality A Cure For Phobias

Some people struggle with phobias in private, and don’t know what to do about it. This type of secret struggle that people go through needs to be addressed. However, most people don’t always have an outlet or definite answer. Most of these anxiety disorders that people face include, but not limited to: riding elevators and escalators, extreme thunderstorms, public speaking, and flying on planes. However, there is a therapeutic treatment for these phobias called virtual reality therapy. Virtual reality has become one of the most famous forms of therapy that is practiced world wide. This type of therapy called virtual reality for phobias offers a whole new interaction between a human, and computer. When people undergo the virtual therapy session they realize that the human communication with a computer is very diversed. The sole purpose of virtual reality for phobias is to complete a number of sessions that will give the participant an increased sense of safety and control regarding their phobias. If you choose to go this route and participate in virtual reality then there is an initial diagnostic interview that needs to be conducted. Your initial diagnostic interview will actually be a run through of the virtual reality software. There is a therapist present in making sure that this type of therapy will work for you, and is able to help the present phobia. The therapist will also guide you through the process which includes a virtual world. This virtual world consists of three dimensions, and a preselected environment all conducted by a therapist.

Virtual Reality Participation

When you participate in virtual reality you will undergo many inputs of different technology. Some of theses technologies may seem a little odd and foreign to you, but it best that you just relax. Many computer graphics are displayed among a plethora of programmed situations. This gives the participant a sure sense of immersion, and real presence in the actually virtual environment. Virtual reality requires a lot of work, and discipline in order to combat individual phobias. It takes a lot of work on behalf of the participant to be consistent with this type of therapy. Most therapists in this field have done years of research, and study proving that it takes at least 7 to 14 sessions to achieve the full advantages. Once a patient completes theses sessions they will definitely see a tremendous improvement regarding their phobias. Some patients may realize that they have phobias that may not have been recognized until they participated in this therapy. A patient will be put into an virtual environment containing the actual feared stimulus. It is important to understand that you as the patient must trust the therapist as the therapist has total control over the programmed situation. When patients participate in virtual reality they must give up control of themselves their minds, and give it over to the therapist. Most of the virtual reality software that is used for virtual environments have been strategically designed to not only support, but to expose the actual anxiety disorder. Once the anxiety disorder is exposed then the virtual environment is changed in alignment for the patients benefit.

Process and Scheduling of Virtual Reality Sessions

There is definitely a smooth experience for scheduling virtual reality sessions with your therapists. When scheduling sessions for participating in virtual reality, therapists are extremely accommodating. Multiple sessions can all be scheduled within the same week. Of course a patient’s confidentiality is kept private during their sessions, and even after. The virtual reality sessions usually last anywhere from 45-60 minutes, and can be conducted right at the therapist office. The therapist office then becomes a safe haven for the client. It is highly recommended you inquire if your current insurance company will pay for the virtual reality sessions as well as the extended sessions that may be required by your therapist. If you are able to pay for the virtual reality sessions yourself that’s wonderful however if not, it is recommended that you inquire about your insurance plan and if they offer out of network benefits. Most people never inquire about out of network benefits because they may not be aware of it, or they may not think they need it. If that is not an option then it is best that you seek a reimbursement plan from a particular program, or find out about any discounted brochures. One of the main roles that the therapist has during any virtual therapy session is the ability to have total, and ultimate control over the stimuli for the perfect exposure that the patient will encounter. Finding facilities that conduct this type of therapy for phobias can be researched, and found all over the United States. One of the best places to look, and do research is through the internet as of course family and friend recommendations.


We have all been there when we get a text message and we are driving, we automatically see who it is. Although one thing that does not come into in our mind is that sign above that shows how many people are killed each year due to accidents involving texting and driving. This is very touchy subject to the young generation because they are the usually which text and drive more often. That would explain why their insurance premiums are so high. Although all the group ages are texting which we cannot subject one group based on texting and driving. Some states have made it illegal to text and drive and if the cop sees you he is going to pull you over and he is going to give you a ticket. I think this is the right step moving forward because we don’t want all this accident to happen and not to have any solution to it. Because we were texting we can cause someone else life and just for one text that we had to read. Technology is making it a lot safer when it comes to Bluetooth. The major key although still relies on the driver just being distracted by pressing a key to get to Bluetooth. That one second you could have someone pressing on the brake and boom there it happens an accident because you were distracted. Every time an accident happens they are going to collect the data on that person. They are going to see what race he is, what age and they are going to come up with an increase in their premiums based on those number that they collected.
Next time you are driving just don’t even look at that text message and as soon as you stop you can read it. A lot of families have been affected by texting and driving and they are creating a message for everyone to see that texting and driving is very serious offense and they will tell you the pain that they are living. They will tell you that their family died because someone could not wait to see a text message from someone else and his or her son just died for no reason at all. She is going to say that his or her son was going to be a doctor but his dream was taking away by someone that was texting and driving. Through your entire life, you have to face that nightmare that you have killed someone just because you were texting. That one meaningful text just destroyed your entire life.
Texting and driving is being reinforced mostly in the United States. The United States is mostly known for using their cell phone. Everyone is using their cell phone 24/7 and they are so emotionally attached to them. Technology is always changing and we need to come up with a solution to block texting when we are in the car. This is going to save a lot of lives and it is going to help the insurance rate go down just because there is going to be less accident happen. Every day we come up with apps to make our life easier and why can’t we come up with an app that makes stop texting when you are in the car. Some people might say that there is their car and they want freedom and they do not text when they drive. They are going to say that you are taking their freedom and they do not like it. They got to understand that this is very serious thing happing with texting and driving and we have to show the numbers of people having accidents just because they were focusing on their phone and not the highway.
The laws change when something bad happens then they try to put something in actions. They always wait for something tragic to happens and then they come up with a solution. How about we come with a solution before something tragic happens and we can save people lives. People are at risk at the roads already because of the terrible drivers everywhere. We don’t need another distraction for them to be the worst driver than there are already.
Imagine you are having a road rage because that one person could not drive at all. You think it is probably an elderly person that is driving that car so you think you are going to be like them someday. When you pass them you see this girl or boy in their phone. That is going to make you furious and you are going to honk the horn at them because they are not paying attention on the road. We have to come up with a way where we can stop people from texting and save a life.